Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

fairy tale


A long time ago, there lived a poor lumberjack called zack. He always brings his lovely battle axe. One day when he was working on the forest, he decided to take a rest on the riparian. “hohoho…I’m so tired and I want to take rest for a while here”, he said. Then, when he yawned, suddenly he dropped his lovely battle axe on the river intuitively. He was so shocked that he knew his lovely battle axe didn’t appear anymore. “what can I do? hohohohoh I want my battle axe back” he cried. He couldn’t do anything. Unfortunately he couldn’t swim, but only cried.

Suddenly there was a light appeared from the river, and it was the god of water. “hey lumberjack, why are you so sad ?” asked the god of water. Then zack told the god of water about everything has just happened to him. “ooooh, how poor you are! Well, because you have been very kind to anybody, I’ll help you to find your battle axe” he said. And he dived into the river. A few seconds later , the god of water came back by bringing back a gold battle axe. Then, he asked to zack “is it your axe?” but zack said “No, this is not mine, my axe just a simple axe which is not made of gold”.

Then the god of water dived again. For this time , he brought a silver axe, and he simply asked to zack “is it your axe zack?”, but again and again by shake his head he said “no, it is not mine, my axe just a simple axe which is made of wood and it’s so old. if you couldn’t find it, it will be ok, no problem but thanks for your help” he answered. He was so sad that he couldn’t find his lovely axe so he went back to his house. However, while Zack was about to go away , the god of water called him “hey zack, I found one more battle axe, is it your battle axe, zack?”, he asked. It was so old battle axe with a rusty color on it. Then zack turned back his head and cried “yeaaaaah, that’s my battle axe. Oh my god how do you find it? thankyou so much for your help”, he said. “ohohohoho yes you’re welcome, because you are a kind lumberjack so I give this gold and silver battle axe for you zack” he said. “what ? are you sure?” he asked. “yes I am sure! Take it for you, zack”. From that day, Zack had 3 battle axes; the gold one, the silver one, and the old one. Then he came back to his house happily.

When he arrived home, he met some of his friends, and he told everything that had already happened to him. One of his friend was a greedy lumberjack that he had an idea to do as same as zack did so that he would get a gold and silver battle axes at once. One day , a greedy lumberjack went to the river that had already been told by Zack. “ooh , is it the magic river?” he said. Then he dropped his battle axe. And…“oh , my battle huuuuu it is my lovely battle huhu help me” he cried. For a few seconds, the god of water didn’t appear but after a while waiting, he appeared. “why are you crying lumberjack?” said the god of water. “my lovely battle dropped on water , but I can’t take it because I can’t swim” he said. “ok, I will help you to find your battle axe” answered the god of water .

Then the god of water dived into the water river, and he appeared after few minutes, “is it your battle axe?” asked the god of water by showing the gold battle axe. Then a greedy lumberjack answered, “yeaaaaaaaah, how do you know that it is my battle . oh my god , thankyou for your help” he said. The god of water was so shocked hearing what lumberjack had just said, but then the god of water said “are you sure it is your battle axe?”

“yes it is my battle axe, I am really sure! Please, give it back to me” he said. “You have told a lie to me, this is not your battle axe, but this one is your battle axe” he was so angry to a greedy lumberjack. “Because you have lied to me, I will change you into a rusty battle axe hahahahhahah” he said. Then a greedy boy changed into a rusty battle axe forever .


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